Ranger Rick

"Army Ranger Rick" F. Tscherne is the author of the popular "Ranger Digest" series I-IX and served on active duty from 1972-1993.  "Ranger Rick" (as he used to be known before the National Wildlife Federation sent him a cease and desist order claiming sole use of the name under U.S. trademark protection) remains a popular figure and we have kept these articles on our site from the good old days.  You can currently find Rick's tips and tricks at the Survival Outdoor Skills website.

ArticleAuthorPub. Date
Special Operations Survival NecklaceRanger Rick2/28/2002
Cold Weather Survival KitRanger Rick12/17/2001
Anti-Frost Bite & Hypothermia KitRanger Rick10/24/2001
Making a mini survival kit for your mini (AA) magliteRanger Rick8/29/2001
Summer BBQ: Ranger Rick StyleRanger Rick7/17/2001
Airborne Stories, Hooah!Ranger Rick Tscherne6/7/2001
Black Berets for everyoneRanger Rick Tscherne5/7/2001
Bosnia Land Mine AdventuresRanger Rick Tscherne4/7/2001
Employees Beware!Ranger Rick Tscherne3/7/2001
In regards to the trial of PFC Nicholas E. YoungRanger Rick Tscherne2/7/2001
Pocket ValuesRanger Rick Tscherne1/7/2001
Spreading Gossip & RumorsRanger Rick Tscherne12/7/2000
Ranger Rick offers ways to keep the troops out of troubleRanger Rick Tscherne11/7/2000
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