The military typically ships one privately owned vehicle (POV) to your overseas duty assignment for accompanied tours.  The vehicles must be extremely clean prior to shipment and will be thoroughly inspected before shipped to (or from) your overseas duty assignment.  American Auto Logistics provides shipping services for many overseas auto shipments, and provides the website so that service members can check on the status of their vehicle.  Please note that you will need your order number from your DD788 along with your SSN to search their database.

There are different paperwork and other requirements for the vehicle drop-off and vehicle pick-up after arrival.  Additionally, vehicles cannot be shipped from any military installation and can only be dropped off at authorized VPC locations.

If you want to ship more than one vehicle to or from your overseas duty assignment, the cost of shipping the second vehicle is typically on you.  You should also research any tax implications involved with a second vehicle as you may be required to pay an import duty on a second vehicle.  American Auto Logistics can provide you a personal quote for your second vehicle, but you should also get a second quote for shipping your POV.  Many military personnel have used one of these shippers listed below:
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